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Dr. Mary V Pate

Believing and Understanding that Purpose is extremely important in our lives, Dr. Mary empowers others to engage and focus on what is important to them and make the necessary changes.

Responding to Your Life gives you the tools necessary to fulfill your goals, and thriving to that place of peace, joy and happiness. 

Certified Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist

  •  Dr  Mary Pate is a Certified Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist. Need  help overcoming various losses in your life, Have your own private  sessions to lead you to recovery.  


Respond to Your Life Coach


Dr. Mary Pate - Christian Transformational Life Coach


The Respond to Your Life Women Community is designed as a vibrant network of passionate women from all walks of life who seek to know more, live more, become more, in the eyes of Christ. We offer a well-designed balance of both personal, spiritual and professional topics and conversations that impact women at various levels of their everyday lives. 


Membership Monthly Discussion Calls

Our monthly Group Transformational Training calls focus on Transitioning through Change. We realize everyone may have various stages in their lives and issues that should be addressed; therefore, we focus on and address Spiritual Transformation and what the Bible says about us.

MEMBERSHIP FEES:  $19/Monthly Paid thru Paypal (Recurring)



  Group Coaching/Workshops

Group Coaching/Workshops are the "Secret Sauce" to Transforming Your Life. 

Dr. Mary teaches extensively on Topics that can range from 3-8 weeks (or longer) in length that will bring your Transformational Life from NOWHERE to SOMEWHERE.  Remember, this is your life and there is so much more to "BECOMING."

Pricing/Cost will vary in these sessions. 

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One on One Coaching

These sessions are for women who have expressed transformation in particular area of their lives, and want full attention for their sessions. 


Thank you Dr Pate for:

The gifts God has given you, the  miracle of answering my prayers for real life changing coaching,  motivation, and teaching. These conversations have giving me passion for my purpose, a  course to lead me to my destiny. Thank you just does not touch the  surface of my gratitude.   L. Morgan-King

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Dr Pate - I am so appreciative for the coaching you have given me. To know that I can move further in my life and not worry about the next move has given me strength that I didn't realize I had. Thank you.

J. Lewis