Life gets better as we move forward.

 Transition through Change - Determines the place where you begin and where you will end. 


Speaker's Voice


We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. The keys to success and productivity are already in our pocket. You just need someone to show you the lock and encourage you to open the door. 


Mary Pate - BIO

Mary is the President of Mary Pate-Speaks, LLC , Professional Speaker, Evangelist, Certified Transformation Coach, and Certified Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist.  After closing a former business and losing everything, She has made a comeback, and now speaking and teaching others how to recover all. She has been speaking in  ministry and executing conferences and workshops for a few years.  She has written four Christian self-development books, and "Now I Have the Best Job in the World" became an Amazon Best Seller.

As an Empowering/Inspirational Speaker, Mary grasps the women's attention helping them to make major changes in their lives by “Transitioning through Change.” Through her speaking engagements, she trains women to work through major life transitions,  to become the person (s) they are created to be. 


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